Social responsiblity Social responsiblity
IziDoc is about easy access to the dentist. For children from poor areas, however, it is not easy. So we decided to help them as well to benefit of dental treatments, by directing 2% of our revenue to Merciluta Fairy, our social partner.

What is Merciluta Fairy?

A mobile dental office, which works as a van equipped with dental instruments. Together with voluntary dentists, Merciluta Fairy team goes to poor rural areas for dental prophilaxy and treatments for children who do not have access to such services.

Ce este responsabilitatea socială?


In Romania, Merciluta Fairy, or Merci Charity Boutique association, has introduced the mobile dental office concept and practice in 2017, by creating the first mobile dental office. In 2018, the association obtained the introduction of legislation for setup, authorisation and functioning of mobile dental office in Romania (OMS 606/07.05.2018). The project was supported by Vodafone Romania Foundation and UniCredit Leasing, and the vehicle was adapted to mobile dentistry standards by Deltamed.

In short, in 18 months of Merciluta Fairy work:

Over 1.900 children from 32 villages have been consulted and received free dental prevention and treatment
48 sessions of oral education in rural schools, for over 1600 children
Publication of the educational book “Dințică în Regatul Zânei Merciluță” and free distribution together with toothbrush and toothpaste
15.000 kilometres done nationally, in rural communities, for prevention, education and dental treatments
By offering IziDoc dental benefits to your employees, you can contribute to the dental health increase for these children, with the support of Merciluta Fairy.